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Many corporation are getting worried due to the impact of less income is being generated while hundreds of millions have been exhausted in advertising. Due to these corporations are now rushing to catch up .Of late some corporations have considered hiring Hollywood agencies to connect them with stars and movies .Many people have turned to modern ways  such the use of internet .

What is Network Marketing :It is a method  of marketing  that utilizes independent representatives to reach potential customers  that a company could not otherwise  reach them  with traditional online  or offline  marketing methods .To avoid complications  in distribution chains  the company can ship directly to the consumer.

How to Pick a Network Marketing Company

Integrity and Management of the Company: As much as possible you should investigate the experience of the CEO in network marketing industry, their background and if they have ever succeed in any other industry. Also check their reputation if it is excellent.

Support ,Training and Business Systems :You may have  chosen  a great company  with  excellent  management   good reputation ,products that make difference and  payment which is uniquely  fair  and generous  but if you don’t have a working system most companies will have  transferable training  systems  that they will use  and this is where mentorship will chip in ....more click here

for more Click here

To get started, kindly contact us today by calling us on +254 720-655007+254 720-655007 , sending us mail to  info@firstandfastcapital.com or chat with us live using our LIVE SUPPORT.


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First And First Capital Group Of Companies Was Founded In 2007 August As Internet Based Personal Development & Network Marketing Company By Mr (W.k.koskei) After Attending A Seminar In Eldoret Sirkwa Hotel In March 2006...... Read more.....

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Internet Advantage

Fibre Map of Kenya

Kenya is now part of the global information superhighway! What will you do?

The time to start doing your business online has never been stronger than right now.
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It took radio 30 years to reach 50 million households. TV did it in approximately 13 years. The internet did it in only 4 years.